Country Coffee (at Home) with Jan & Jill

If you're like us, you've been enjoying coffee at home these days. It's National Coffee Day! Since the onset of COVID-19, coffee breaks have become more special. We love to grab a coffee together when we visit on the weekends whether it's in person or via FaceTime. Just because you haven't seen your favorite barista in a while, doesn't mean you can't have a fancy cup-of-jo right in your own kitchen or back yard.
We grew up with the smell of Folgers brewing in the kitchen. The best part of waking up before fighting for the bathroom (for a while it was 10 of us in a 2 bedroom house). While we still love that feeling of nostalgia - not to mention the caffeine buzz - from a fresh pot of drip coffee, we are also big fans of the Swiss coffee system Nespresso thanks to Jan's European son-in-law who highly recommended it back in 2013. While Jill's speciality is fresh-baked scones, we also love warm buttery croissants right out of the oven. Psst...Jan's Jelly is available! Shop it here.
*Trader Joe's makes an excellent bake-it-yourself croissant and then add a vintage coffee cup or mug that may be collecting dust in the back of your kitchen cupboard.
*Nespresso can be ordered online and shipped right to your door and the milk frother is a must-have. Jan also loves her 'Sugar in the Raw.' Now that we think about it, we have a few sets of vintage salt & pepper shakers we'd love to pair with our scrambled eggs, croissants and cappuccinos on our brunch table like these below.
We may just have to upgrade our AM table setting for our millennial sons escaping the big cities to work from home during this pandemic up here in N. California. 
How do you like your coffee and what coffee shop are you missing most? How has your coffee routine been looking these days? 
with love,
Jan & Jill