Our Boutique. It All Started on a Dairy Farm.

To know our store, you need to know our story. Our family originated from Sweden settling in Kansas. Aunt Abbie, and her siblings, Charlotte (our mom), Nadine, Naomi, and baby brother Frank were born and raised on a dairy farm during the Great Depression in Junction City, Kansas. The 5 siblings made their way west in the 1950's eventually settling in N. California on the family homestead.
Our great-grandmother came to the US reaching Junction City, Kansas when she was 19. Our mother and her 4 siblings were raised on a dairy farm and it was said our great-grandmother
'always had a warm welcome and cheerful smile for all her many friends wherever she saw them. Her home was always a symbol of hospitality.'
Click on the cow to see the details on this Vintage Set of Salt & Pepper shakers with this adorable black & white cow set for sale in our store. 
As we are spending so much more time in our home these days, we are going through old photos and family diaries to read more about our mom, aunts and uncle who grew up on a dairy farm. What have you been doing to stay busy while 'sheltering-in-place?'