Our Story

Hello! We're Jan & Jill - sisters with a passion for family, friendship and fun. This online store is a carefully curated collection (say that 3 times fast) including our Aunt Abbie's vintage salt & pepper shakers. Plus one-of-a-kind home decor, and Jan's Jelly - Northern California's finest organic plum jelly. 
To know our store, you need to know our story. Our family originated from Sweden settling in Kansas. Aunt Abbie, and her siblings, Charlotte (our mom), Nadine, Naomi, and baby brother Frank were born and raised on a dairy farm during the Great Depression in Junction City, Kansas. The 5 siblings made their way west in the 1950's eventually settling in N. California on the family homestead.
left to right - siblings: Frank, Abbie, Charlotte (our mom), Nadine, Nioma
Family was everything. Our Aunt Abbie and her siblings did whatever it took to help each other throughout the years instilling this same virtue in their children. Jan, mom of 4, and Jill, mom of 7, were raised in the small N. California community of Redwood Valley north of San Francisco with their brother Ken, and little sister, Jean. 
We grew up on a 20 acre walnut orchard with our Aunt Abbie & Uncle Stan who had one beautiful daughter, Linda (our cousin), who wants to share this beautiful collection (over 600 sets total) of her mother's vintage salt & pepper shakers.
From our family to your table, welcome to our country boutique. In a world of screen time and social media, we treasure word-of-mouth memories and stories told to us by our mom and her siblings. Shared through generations and best told over a home-cooked meal, which it seems we're all having more than ever these days. Pass the salt and share the memories.
with love,
Jan & Jill